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5 Ways To Find Event Planning Business Clients

As a former event planner with family members who are event planners, I have a special place in my heart for event planners. This article is for you crazy kids who look at people sideways when they tell you event planning must be so easy and so much fun.

For you, I know getting more clients for your event planning business is much easier said than done, but it can be done. Here are some ways you can increase your client pipeline to reduce dry spells after creating your brand strategy.

1. Run social media ads to complementary businesses

Think about the companies you partner with to execute an event. There are caterers, florists, bakers, DJs, photographers, and videographers. There are also A/V and furniture rental companies. These are great businesses with whom to build mutual referral relationships. And with social media ads, you can make complementary, local vendors aware of who you are and what your business can do without leaving home or your office.

2. Offer social proof

People want to see the events you have executed in the past. So, your website needs to include a few things. You want to make sure you include testimonials and case studies. You also want to have a portfolio page on your website with pictures for at least three events you've managed.

Before and after photos of the venues you've transformed would be a nice touch, too. Then, you want to take your photos, case studies, and testimonials and share them across social media. Don't just show your event pictures, but speak to the outcomes achieved working with you.

3. Get listed on an event directory

Websites like Eventective, GigSalad, PartyPop, TheKnot, WeddingWire, BizBash, MeetingPages, and The Bash are just a few places where you can list your business. If you create a compelling message for your listing and deliver a website experience to follow that wows, you increase your chances of turning a click into a client.

4. Ask for referrals from your network

Ask your family members and friends to help you promote your business. But, also ask past clients to share information about your company with their friends and family members. Ask periodically, as when you are out of sight too long. People will not readily think of referring you to people who need your services. Think of your ask as a way to help your clients do a favor for a friend. Why wouldn't one friend want to help another?

5. Target people likely to celebrate a momentous event.

With social media ads, target:

  • Newlyweds as they are likely preparing to wed.

  • Local jewelers, as those ready to propose, are likely to visit one for an engagement ring.

  • People about to celebrate their 40th, 50th, 60th birthdays, and beyond who like to throw bigger birthday parties.

  • Women who have announced getting pregnant, as there are women who throw baby showers and related events before the birth of their children.

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